About good+wild 


Connect customers with sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured apparel.

About good+wild

good+wild is a Canadian company offering an array of carefully selected sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured apparel for men and women. We support brands that are doing their part to maintain the health of mother earth and our communities. We pride ourselves on the quality and integrity of the clothing and products we sell. The apparel industry is changing and becoming more diverse, including becoming more sustainable due to customer demand. Our items help to maintain the health of the environment, while playing an important role in accelerating the slow fashion industry by improving the availability of sustainable apparel and products in North America. 

Note from the founder

We are glad to answer any questions you might have.

We pride ourselves on transparency, being connected and open. My hope is that the garment industry can one day exist in harmony with the earth. This is important to our future generations so they can live happily and healthily. 

Thank you for supporting the sustainable and ethical apparel industry. 

Kelsey Prout - Founder




The garment industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. This is causing severe damage to the earth and negatively impacting millions of people. We are here to help change that.

What exactly makes a garment sustainable?

Quality over quantity.
Fair paid work over sweat shops.
Natural fibres over synthetic/toxic fibres. 
Slow fashion is part of a brighter future.

When creating a sustainable garment one needs to consider many elements to create a truly sustainable and ethical product. You can ask yourself these questions to make a conscious purchase:

Who made this garment?
What were the working conditions like? 
How much water was used in the process?
Are the workers making fair wages?
What chemicals and toxins are being used?
What is the fabric content?
What happens to this product when it is discarded?
Does the brand support social or environmental programs?
Is it a locally made product?

We choose to carry and encourage brands that are taking care in how each product is made. Some considerations are: The fabric content (using biodegradable and natural fibres), the water used in the textile treating and dying process, employee compensation and working conditions, just to name a few. With these factors in mind we can begin to make more educated decisions when purchasing clothing. Ultimately, we as consumers have a duty to other people and our earth, to take care in how we source our clothing and what happens to it when it is discarded. We care so much about where our food comes from and what is in our cosmetic products; it is vital we begin to make conscious choices when it comes to clothing. We at good+wild are bridging the gap between the many amazing eco brands and their present and potential supporters.