Yoga Democracy

YD takes extra care when creating their garments by using post consumer materials, non-toxic dyes, emissions management, waste water treatments and sweat free facilities to manufacture the clothing. YD also has all unique custom artwork designs on their leggings and hold a high standard for quality in manufacturing. Additionally YD contributes 10% of net profits to benefit social causes. 


Yogiiza uses organic cotton to create their beautifully conscious, quality items. They take care in the fabric content of their clothing, because they are aware and driven by the negative impact synthetic fabrics have on the environment. Their clothing has a natural and soft feel that will leave you wanting to continue being a conscious consumer. 

Free Label

Free Label is a Canadian brand that produces their clothing in small batches to limit waste and use conscious fabrics like bamboo and organic cotton. Their clothing is made ethically by paying employees fair wages and using production methods that do not put the environment or human well being at risk. All while creating beautifully conscious, quality garments! 


Sitka is a Canadian company that offers a wide variety of items including some organic cotton items. These are the items we carry as they are consciously created with environmental awareness as a focus. Sitka also used low impact supply chain operations, sustainable raw materials, and manufactures only in Canada and the US. The quality of items ensures longevity of the product which limits waste. Sitka works with non profit organizations to give back to the environment and is a "business advocate for the wild places we love" (Sitka Website).


Synergy Clothing does amazing work to make sure they clothing they sell has been made in the most ethical ways to ultimately ensure the care to maintain environment and human well being. They are a Green America Certified business and received this distinction through a multitude of ethical practices. To name a few ethical practices they are as follows: use of non-toxic dyes, GOTS certified fabrics, solar lighting in warehouses, recyclable packaging.

Tribe Vibe Apparel 

Tribe Vibe Apparel uses only organic cottons, bamboo rayon and some polyester created from recycled plastic bottles. They support fair wages for creating their clothing and everything is manufactured in the USA. Additionally, they hand paint every item and support the sustainable printing movement.


We are so happy to carry these brands and look forward to the future of sustainable fashion
Kelsey Prout