Why Sustainable Apparel?

Since starting my business last year I have noticed there is a lot of ambiguity and many questions from customers, friends and family about sustainable apparel. Just to name a few: Why would I spend extra dolla bills on a shirt or pants? What makes clothing sustainable? What makes clothing ethical? Why should I care? How does this affect me? These are all viable and fair questions and they all have answers that take time to explain and frankly unless you are passionate about the environment or the treatment of fast fashion manufacturing workers, there is a good chance you will tune out before I even get started. For those of you still reading, thank you for lending a moment to read this, and if you have a new curiosity to the industry I hope I spark something in you to help transform the apparel industry. 

The apparel industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world (next to the oil and gas industry). To many people, this is shocking and surprising news. It was to me too. What really tipped the scales for me to start my business was watching the documentary 'The True Cost' (highly recommended). It made everything I had read about and heard previously really, really, real. Factory workers are working in settings where their basic human rights are being denied. The environment is facing detrimental consequences due to chemicals, factory emissions and pollutants that enter the surrounding ecosystems. Also, there is the issue of discarding clothing quickly after purchasing, which is creating an overwhelming number of textiles ending up in our landfills. On top of the issue of textile volume in landfills, the content of the textiles being discarded is another source of pollution, due to the slow breakdown of synthetics, and the use of harsh chemicals during manufacturing that remain in our clothing and eventually end up being absorbed into our earth. I am also sure you have heard of the tragic factory collapse in Bangladesh, enough said.

These few points I have made today are meant to give at the very least some understanding on the importance of transforming the apparel industry. I promise every blog post will not be this depressing, unfortunately this is the current situation that many of us are trying to rectify. Thank you for reading BeMuse first weekly blog post! Examples of topics to come are: ‘Marketing Schemes of Large Fast Fashion Corporations’ and ‘How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe’.

Happy Days Friends

-         BeMuse